Annapolis, Maryland

marias-wine-listEven before my family and I arrived in America from Palermo, Sicily, in 1969, we had a vision to create an intimate and quaint restaurant in the true Sicilian style, to share with our new friends. We take great pride in using old family recipes and individually preparing, to your satisfaction, dinner tonight from only the freshest ingredients available.

At Maria’s we maintain the highest level of excellence for our foods and services. We have taken the same care in selecting our wine list. To help you make the most enjoyable selection, we have arranged our list by flavor profile: full-bodied, medium-bodied and light-bodied.

We invite you to enjoy the Priola family recipes together with our family wines. It is our hope that you get a taste of our Italian heritage which is good food, good wine, good friends and of course…family.

Buon Appetito.

Wine by the Glass (pdf)

Half Bottle (pdf)

Champagne (pdf)

Full Bodied (pdf)

Medium Bodied (pdf)

Light Bodied (pdf)

House Selections (pdf)

Featured Winery (pdf)